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  • Dexter’s Debra

    28 July 2014, by Van Quynh

    Dexter’s Debra or delving into the psyche of Dexter.
    This 7th season comes full circle with the 1st in a fundamental way. To the question “Who Am I?”, Dexter has first answered with the following: “A Killer with a Code”, Dexter stands as some sort of violent far west hero figure who makes the laws he wants to abide but also the laws he can live with. That answer has also changed throughout the course of the series, his identity taking ventures on unbeaten paths; all the while learning from (...)

  • Good for the Soul

    24 June 2014, by Van Quynh

    The point here is to discuss the nature of Vampire, to address the What.
    So what is a Vampire in the Buffyverse? It seems Vampires are a particular sub-genre of demons and Demons appear either to be considered as a species which can tolerate mix-breeding or as an infection which transforms humans into demons.
    Many examples show the latter: Anya is a shining example of a human becoming a demon then becoming a human again (then again becoming a demon then becoming a human), Oz after being (...)

  • No Love Lost

    24 June 2014, by Van Quynh

    This present musing is about reading Romantic Love in the Buffyverse.
    Let’s say it first, yes, it is about drama above all, thus the idea of a carefree successful and stable relationship is contrary to the viability of a show so far as it is still running. For there is indeed from the audience a certain appetite for misery – a generalized trend of sadism you might say and thus drama demands drama – that is to say conflict, unbalance, unrest. It is quite simple really, people just needs (...)

  • In Literary Pursuit...

    24 June 2014, by Van Quynh

    It was a discovery I came upon when I was studying English at University, a quiet revelation of sort, or maybe a simple conclusion that at once became an intimate conviction – all the while experienced very naturally at the time.
    Thus literary pursuit had set in as self-evident – an elegantly thought-out but forgone truth.
    Although it is a truth I keep losing sight since then because when you are not in the middle of everything language, it is not something that really comes to mind. As (...)

  • Honor, Duty and Sacrifice

    24 June 2014, by Van Quynh

    Let’s confess a natural tendency for attaching myself to female characters because fundamentally being a female I am bound to feel empathy for those, but more in the end, as an expression of my own questioning on myself than by simple desire to identify with my fellow female brethren. Thus, because I happen often to question my own gender I have a prompt and acute fondness for those female characters who don’t define themselves first as female.
    My personal fondness is confirmed indeed in (...)

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